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Choosing the right name for your baby

list of baby names Choosing a baby name will be one of the most important things you decide for your baby. Here you can find baby names meanings that come from all around the world. To begin your search either click on the letters below to browse by the letter the baby name starts with.

We will be a source of pride for a lifetime. We pride ourselves with having the most in depth, ever growing, interesting, diverse, and comprehensive resource for babynames. We have Asian, European, African and many many hard to find ethnic baby names. Search for meaning, gender, religion/region, and lookup the meaning.

We realize how difficult it can be for parents to pick that “perfect baby name” for their newborn child therefore we have complied the largest online database of baby names & meanings which means there will surely be a baby name for you! We could also help you change your name. Not only does our site include the more common or popular baby names but we also list beautiful, unique, unusual, uncommon & modern baby names for both boys and girls. Names from a variety of origins are listed including Indian, Pakistani, Arab, African, Hindu, Christian, Italian, Irish, American, French or British baby list of names.

Choosing a name for your new arrival can be a difficult task. And there are some potential pitfalls you might not even be aware of. To avoid them, ask yourself these questions: What are the initials? Does it rhyme? Have you spell-checked it? What's the nickname?Does it have a rhythm? Does it offer flexibility? Can you sing to it?

Here comes perhaps the most important baby names hint of all! Shhhh... If you don’t want everyone from Aunt Edith to the local butcher putting in their two cents about your baby name, keep this very important announcement to yourselves until the baby is born, or baby names have been narrowed to a few. After all, you don’t want to forever mark your child’s birthday as the trigger for World War III. So finding the right baby name is always hard.

Unique List of Baby Names

If you are looking for a unique list of baby names, then, you should try to check the history books. This is the best way to find unique list of girl names or a List of Baby Boy Names. You can see some of the best list of baby names that you can name to your baby. If you know you're gonna have a girl then you should check this List of Baby Girl Names. The history books contains some of the best names that you can find. Also, it will give your baby a sense of pride as he was named after a famous person.

One of the most used name in the name list of baby names after historical figure is Marc Antony. This Roman general is held in high regard not because of his exploits. In fact, Marc Antony is a failure in the Republic. But, thousands of babies were named after him. The reason is that the name has a very good sounding. However, in ancient Rome, the name Brutus is something that can be held highly. Well, most people does not want to choose Brutus as a name as it signifies something brute or rough. Surely, Brutus is remembered as one of the great traitors.

There are also biblical names in the list of baby names. Most parents name their child to the twelve chosen ones. However, not one will ever name Judas. Instead, Jude is the a good alternative. While, biblical names may sound very good, but not all of them can be a good one. Take for example Solomon, taken from our own List of Boy Names. Not everyone would like to be named as one as it exceeds expectation and at the same time it is also not so good as Jeremiah. Isaiah is a good prophet but the name is something that most people find hard to spell.

If there is one thing that you will choose from the unique list of baby names, it should be something significant and at the same time something that will make your child proud. In this way, your child will never regret being named as such.